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Concrete and Compaction

Weekly Hire Rate
MIX1104/3 110v Mixer£38.60
MIXP01 4/3 Petrol Mixer £43.28
MIX53 5/3 Diesel Mixer £93.57
MIXS01 Mixer Stand £5.85
PAD01 Paddle Mixer Hand Held £80.71
RES01 Resin Mixer £140.36
CUT01 Test Cube Curing Tank £64.33
CC100 Concrete Cubes Size 100mm £16.37
CC150 Concrete Cubes Size 2 £17.54
PFL25 25mm Flexi-Poker £47.96
PFL38 38mm Flexi-Poker £49.12
PFL50 50mm Flexi-Poker £49.12
PFL75 75mm Flexi-Poker £61.99
PFLA25 25mm Air-Poker £61.99
PFLA50 50mm Air-Poker £63.16
PFLA75 75mm Air- Poker £65.50
PDU01 Petrol Poker Drive Unit £66.67
PDUE01 Electric Poker DriveUnit £78.37
HFP01 High Frequency Poker £210.54
BSB42 4.2m Beam Screed £97.08
BSB52 5.2m Beam Screed £102.93
BSB62 6.2m Beam Screed £108.78
BSB72 7.2m Beam Screed £115.79
BSDU01 Beam Unit £93.57
HTAM42 4.2m Hand Tamp £60.82
HTAM52 5.2m Hand Tamp £65.50
HTAM62 6.2m Hand Tamp £72.52
HTAM72 7.2m Hand Tamp £84.21
MSC01 Magic Screed £228.08
PFL600 600mm Power Float £114.62
PFL900 900mm Power Float £134.51
PFFD01 Finishing Disc £16.37
BUL01 Bull Float £49.12
EFL01 Easy Float £49.12
FRES01 Fresno Broom £60.82
CCR01 Concrete Rake £60.82
PFR350 350mm For/Rev Petrol Compactor £159.07
PFR400 400mm For/Rev Diesel Compactor £183.63
PFR500 500mm For/Rev Diesel Compactor £198.84
TRAM01 Trench Rammer Wide/Narrow Foot £112.29
PCP300 300mm Plate Compactor £74.86
PCP400 400mm Plate Compactor £74.86
PCP500 450-500mm Plate Compactor £77.20
PCRB Rubber Base Plate £23.39